Post #10: A New Shift in Narrative

It’s hard to believe that the end of the year is almost here, and with that also comes the end of this course. Much time has passed since the start of my project and it’s been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, in terms of the progression and development of the actual work. But fortunately, I’ve been able to keep up with my planned schedule, for the most part. Now with less than 5 weeks away, I find myself past the middle of my intended completion goal, and trying to intensify my work-pace so that I can accomplish all of my desired goals.

With this passing week, I have worked on more content for my manuscript. I also wanted to further work on the development of my website, but because of how I have arranged everything, it’s best to wait until I am close to end, where I have almost all of the work ready to be sorted out and put into the website. So I am focusing for now on finishing up my manuscript, as it is an essential part of the entire project. I am happy to say that I finished constructing another part of my story that further adds to the build-up of the “rising-action” stage of my story. In such new part, my protagonist finds himself spending a great deal of time in search for his family. He left home, following the clues and hints to where they could be next, and using his survival skills and knowledge. The road is dangerous, cold, empty of people, and lonely. He stops at a few places to where is family could be, but the only thing he finds is just more clues to where they could be next. In addition, at this point in the story, I have added a shift in point of view of narrative, where the reader gets to follow in real-time (in the story’s own time) Karel’s journey. My intention for this is to add more development to the other characters who are not near the protagonist, but are also important in the story. A good example of this is Kyle’s son. He is perhaps as important as Kyle, if not even more important as he serves as a big contribution to the development of the story. In these scenes we get to experience the personalities of Kyle’s son, his wife, and his daughter in a brief event. Their character development will be presented in the next coming parts of my manuscript, but for now a good introduction of them was needed.

Nicely enough, my story feels as if it’s taking new shape and form, as it is further developing in complexity. Surprisingly enough, I’m having fun with this method of work because it’s one that feels new to me, and I’m gaining mastery of it as I move along. So, I am definitely looking forward to more development of this build-up stage of my story, which are yet to come in next addition to the manuscript.

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