Post #9: The leaves are starting to grown and show, in all the right places.



This week I found myself further working on different parts of my project. Surprisingly enough, I was able to keep working on my manuscript as well as website (which will go hand in hand with my project).

In the past week, I worked on other scenes that were supposed to bring some sort of emotional, physical, and psychological change to the protagonist (Kyle) of my story. My intention for this was to showcase Kyle’s initial adaptability to his new environment and life-style. Since the world he used to know is no longer the same, he has to change his way. This also means he has to go through emotional development where his priorities, values, and goals are reshaped into something a little different. So, I put some focus on his return home and essential moment of realization, during the time he spend by himself in his old house, since his family is no longer there.

With this in mind and completed, I started planning my next scenes, which still fall under the “rising action” part of my work. This part of my manuscript will be quite the long one, as it will have much content. I am doing intentionally, since it is supposed to be a build-up. I want this build-up to be strong through my work. I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up being stronger than all the other parts. And it that is the case, I don’t think it would hurt the story in any significant way, but rather help it with a large amount of details and information. These newer scenes, intentionally show Kyle’s new ways of thinking, as he has embarked in the journey to find his family. They will also show more vivid examples of the apocalyptic world around him, as he travels from one place to another. Not only will the impact of the virus on the country and the people is showcased here, but also on Kyle himself.

In addition to this, I’m glad to finally have finished working on the base design for my website. By saying this, I mean giving my website a shape and form, or rather a refined body. Such body will be further improved with additional information and data, as I progress along with new generated content each week. I can’t say I will post content on the website each week as I create it, but I will definitely keep working on the planning of it. My reason for this is that I still a lot of information of edit and compete assemble in a way that is refined enough for a final product. So, I just load and upload information now without properly organizing it or refining it, later on I will have to possibly take it out and put back in after further working on it. In essence, I will just be putting myself through more stress and work, which is kind of pointless. But I guess what I really want to say is that I will wait for the right time, when uploading them. This being the case, I feel it will be safer to only upload things that won’t need to be in final form.

But anyway, here is a small walkthrough of my website ( ). I’m glad to say all of there images were drawn and designed by me. I went with this idea because I wanted the website to have a consistent design, which is representative of the apocalyptic-virus-vibe within this work:

The first sigh viewers will experience when visiting the website will be this image along with the tabs (menu) to the right side. Each of these tabs are clickable and reachable for more information. Right now there is nothing there, but that will soon change of course.
One of my interesting tabs for information is this one. This is a small section for the viewers to learn in-depth information about my project, from my own sharing of the crafting process. The purpose for this is for them to get in my head (partly, not fully of course), and understand more about the work, not just from a literary perspective, but rather a personal perspective.

I also incorporated a brief section about the writer, author, or craftman (myself). I thought this would be appropriate for enlightening the viewers or visitors about who I am as a creative writer of this work, as well as other similar works which will also be given as reference in here.
And another important section is this one. This is a way for the visitors to get in touch with me personally. The reason for this is because there is always a possibility that someone might want to ask me other questions regarding the project that I did not go through in this website.

These are just some of the sections and tabs found in my website. I tried to be very diverse with my options, since I am considering this project not only to be important, but also one that should stay with me as a good future reference (both academically and personally). But so far, I’m satisfied with out the website turned out. However, I want to keep an open state of mind to how it can still be changed and improved as I move further down the “finish” line. The good thing is that with my website in place, things are starting to feel more in place and apparent. This will only get better as time passes. So, I will be looking forward to that myself!

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