Post #5: A New Chapter Begins

This week has taken a different turn for me, in terms of the process of my thesis project. One of my main priorities is the continuation of development of my manuscript (creative project). This normally includes the addition of a new scene or chapter, along with other adjustments of revision and editing. But this week, unfortunately, this process has only been only partly. And so this time around, I put my focus mainly on planning the next scene and editing the previous scene. I found myself making some slight changes to the previous scene, since I noticed that it would facilitate the flow transition with my next scene. This didn’t caught me by surprise, since the nature of my project. This being a big and large project, there is more for me to remember and keep in mind. Many times, I find myself reviewing all over again everything that I have, in order to write a new chapter or scene without it feeling like it doesn’t belong to the rest of the work. This is a challenging part for me, but it’s also something that’s not impossible. It just take patience, focus, and motivation.

And so with this aside, I started planning my next scene over this week, which falls under the next chapter (chapter 2). This next scene will focus on the experience of Kyle after arriving home. From here on, Kyle will come to realization that his family is gone, and that he is alone during this difficult time. In this part of my story, I plan to start incorporating some elements of survival (through his behavior and actions). The built setting should make this easier for me, in order to allow more complexity of character development and story progression. This chapter should be a strong indicator to the main character’s interest, goals, personal troubles and challenges. With this in mind as my next step, I plan to work around these central ideas as I continue writing my manuscript.

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